I am disappointed with the intelligence system, president Buhari reacts to the attack at kuje prison

I am disappointed with the intelligence system. President made this statement in a tweet while addressing the situation of the attack at the custodial center, kuje prison.

I am disappointed with the intelligence system
Kuje prison


The devastating news of a late night terrorist attack hit the public and has been causing a buzz since then.

Rumors have it that the terrorists are Boko Haram fighters. They had invaded the premises with deploying bombs, rocket propelled grenade and general purpose machine guns.

In the process of this invasion, they freed not less than 600 inmates including Boko Haram fighters who had been detained in the facility.

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The president of the federation has shown his disappointment and is expecting something to be done so the issue can be resolved.

Below is a tweet he made earlier today.

Saddened by the attack on the medium security custodial centre kuje, I am disappointed with the intelligence system. How can a terrorist organiser, have weapons, attack a security installation and get away with it? I am expecting a comprehensive report on this shocking incident.

Also, the minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Mohammed Bello confirmed that the Boko Haram inmates had escaped.

“The attack started around 10:30pm. They came in their number, gained entrance into the prison and they released some of the inmates and which we are now following to see the kind of inmates that they have released.”

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“Very soon, we will give you the correct figure of the inmates that were taken. Aside that, we are trying to see what we can do to ensure that all escapees are returned back”

The prison is accommodating about 994 inmates and over 600 escaped. Many people have been recaptured and brought back to the prison. Maybe by the close of the day, more will have been captured and returned.

“I think everything is under control. The people who came to do this activity, from the records, we believe they belong to a particular group. Most likely, they are Boko Haram members because we have sizeable number of Boko Haram suspects in detention, and presently we cannot locate any of them. I think they are about 64 in the prison and none of them now is available, they have all escaped,”

Although most people escaped, some high profile detainees like the deputy commissioner of police, Abba kyari stayed behind. For now they have been moved to a different location while they look for a means to curb the situation.


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