Gokada Co-Founder is Dead

Fahim Saleh (Co-founder, Gokada)

The co- founder of Nigerian’s Motor-cycle hailing company/startup -Gokada, Fahim Saleh is dead.

The 33 years old CEO was brutally murdered with an electric saw in his New York apartment. His dismembered body was found by a family member, in an apartment on the Lower East side.

According to the New York post, his dismembered body was discovered in his condominium around 3:30pm New York time on Tuesday. His killing has been described as a targeted murder by close sources. His headless and limbless body was found inside a 2.25 million dollars condo he bought last year, with an electric saw lying next to his remains.

Contractor bags were also found by cops near his lifeless body. According to reports, the security cameras captured him last entering an elevator on Monday evening and was followed quickly by a man dressed in suit, wearing a face mask, a hat and gloves.

Until the time of filing this report no arrest have been made, although investigations are on going1.

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