ELECTION NEWS: What Buhari Victory Implies– Omokri

Reno Omokri, ex-aide to President Goodluck Jonathan has explained what he thinks President Buhari’s victory in the election results announced earlier today, implies for Nigerians.

As you may know, Omokri has been a strong critic of President Buhari and also a dogged supporter of the PDP.
Reacting to a tweet on his official handle, Omokri stressed that with the emergence of President Buhari as President, the Nigeria Stock Market will face sporadic devaluation.

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Omokri warned that with President Buhari remaining as Nigeria’s President for the next four years, investors may have no other option than to leave the country.

He tweeted: “In 2015 when Buhari won, the Nigerian Stock Exchange gained almost ₦100 billion.
 After 4 years, investors now know Buhari. He looks set to win this rigged election and the Stock Market lost ₦85 billion today. So stop asking me how market. Ask yourself that question instead.”

Yesterday, Omokri responded to Dele Momodu, publisher of Ovation Magazine, when he asked Atiku to call Buhari and Congratulate him.

Omokri frowned at the suggestion by Momodu, asking why he needed to add a snake to an elephant which Atiku was already carrying.

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