Donate one facemask or its equivalent amount to save Gishiri community from Covid19 Community Transmission.


Donate one facemask or its equivalent amount to save Gishiri community from Covid19 community transmission.

On the 19th of April, 2020 one case of Covid19 was uncovered in Gishiri village. It was gathered that the 12 new cases were discovered from 270 random samples collected from residents of the two communities of Mabushi and Gishiri, None of the identified cases in Mabushi and Gishiri had any recent history of foreign travel nor did they come in contact with a returnee from abroad, which shows that more people could have contracted the virus through community transmission

In light of these, it is imperative for the people in these two communities to wear facemask to protect themselves and also become more aware of the preventive and precautionary measures to curb and contain the spread of the deadly virus, so as to prevent further explosion of community transmission, which if not checked, will result to mass death.

Center for Peace Advocacy and Sustainable Development (CEPASDAfrica) a not for profit, non governmental organization dedicated to serving humanity has taken it upon itself to provide free Facemask for the community as most of the people in the community can’t afford facemask, these we are doing by soliciting for free Facemask from individuals and organization through donations of the facemask or its equivalent amount for the production of the facemask, these facemask are going to be produced by local tailors, this will in turn create job opportunity as they are going to be producing the facemask in large quantity. It is with great hope and urgent cry to save Gishiri and Mabushi community from Covid19 that CEPASDAfrica is asking to look into the plight of the poor and vulnerable people at Gishiri community for facemask

Expected Project Impacts
Increase awareness about covid19 and ensure well-being of the vulnerable people.
Strengthen and build community resilience against covid-19.
Understand the importance of wearing face mask and hand washing.
Ensuring safe measures are adopted among the people after successful delivery of the facemask during these times.

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