Donald Trump to Lose the US Presidential Elections – American University Professor says

Trump, Allan & Biden

A professor, who has accurately predicted every presidential election in the United States of America since 1984, predicts that the democratic candidate Joe Biden will defeat the incumbent president, President Donald Trump.

A man who’s fondly referred to as the United States election Raven, as people describe him as the man who sees the future when it comes to presidential elections for the past 36 years, has issued his verdict on the forth coming presidential Elections.

According to CBS NEWS, Professor Allan Lichman, an American University professor, who was said to have predicted Trump’s victory in 2016, has come out to say that the current POTUS will be defeated in the coming presidential polls slated to hold in November this year.

The good professor uses a system he developed of 13 “keys” that decides who will win the ticket to the White House. In 2016 he was among the few that fore-casted that Trump will defeat his democratic rival Hilary Clinton, to become the next president of the United States.

These are all just predictions for now, let us keep our fingers crossed, November is Just around the corner. Good luck to both candidates.

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