Discover The Latest WiFi Router With a Cheaper Price

Hey Tech Lovers and everyone working from home, you may want to take a few minutes to read this.
With working from home made compulsory for some essential duty personnels due to the current situation of the world (the pandemic), a good router has never been more important to get stuff going.
Meet the newest router from Xiaomi, AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 router. You can get it from Gizmochina and Gearbest at $65.99 (£56.37/AU$106.75)

It is cheaper than most most Wi-Fi 5 equivalents. Moreover, it comes with a hidden dual-band high-performance antenna (up to 360-degree signal coverage) and frequency ranges – 2.4GHz and 5GHz which have been integrated with Qorvo high-performance independent signal amplifiers boosting the signal by 4dB; coverage is extented by 50 percent.
Housed in a tower-like form factor, Xiaomi AX1800 Wifi 6 router adopts a radically overhauled design, enhancing its appearance as well as enabling it offer more storage space. It also features a heat sink that regulates the temperature.
The router ships with 256GB of RAM and supports Mesh Networking, ensuring uninterrupted signal coverage and supports connection up to 128 devices simultaneously.

In terms of speed measurement according to gearbest, after carrying out a speed test, the final download rate was 622 Mbps and the upload rate was 37.2Mbps. And from the data point of view, the network coverage is satisfactory for an average home user.
The funky pillar-shaped device ships with a user manual, an Ethernet cable and power supply.
Note that, price may differ due to exchange rates and shipment charges based on your location for delivery.
This is from TechRadar:
“If you’re looking for something even cheaper, there’s the Xiaomi Redmi AC2100 Gigabit router, which retails for a mere $45.50 (£37.86/AU$71.58). Just bear in mind, Xiaomi has likely used Chinese in the backend for both routers, so you might have to break out Google Translate”.

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Image Credit: Gizmochin & Gearbest.

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