Daddy Freeze shares his experience with Hushpuppi, Gives update about his latest arrest!!

Mr Ifedayo Olarinde (Daddy Freeze)

Nigerian radio presenter and leader of the “Free the Sheeple movement”, Mr Ifedayo Olarinde popularly known by his broadcasting name “Daddy Freeze”, took to his Instagram channel to share a video, stating his experience with “Ramon Igbalode Abass” also known as Hushpuppi – who was recently arrested by the Dubai police, for internet fraud.


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According to the video, which was posted on his Instagram account,  Freeze denied knowing that Hushpuppi was a criminal, or had any involvement in internet fraud.

Daddy Freeze , who was reacting to an old documentary which resurfaced on the internet, recently following the arrest of Huspuppi.

In the video, Freeze was mocking hardworking Nigerian Youths, who accused Hushpuppi of been involved in fraudulent activities using the internet.

He said “Hushpuppi’s driver is collecting N700,000 a month, while you are doing a houseboy work that earns you N35,000 a month, and yet you abuse him on social media, instead of begging Hushpuppi to employ your father as his driver.

Alot of Nigerians social media users frowned at his statement,

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He went on to say that he thought Hushpuppi was a social media influencer, because while they were driving (Hushpuppi) received calls from fashion designers such as; Gucci, Versace, and even LV, all calling to host him, and he told me he is an “Influencer”. Besides while i was with him, nothing suspicious happened, he didn’t receive calls from hackers, i didn’t meet any crime scene. We met in Burberry VIP lounge which was exclusively open to only members and his house.

Recently a video of his arrest was released on the internet, by the Dubai police. according to the authorities his crimes includes; Hacking, cyber fraud, Money laundering, Impersonation, Identity theft, scamming etc.


Image Credit: BBC, Instagram.

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