Check out The Most Expensive Model Car in the World- It Took over 450 Hours to Make!!! (VIDEO)

The Rolls Royce Cullinan Model Car has been tagged the most expensive in the world with 450 man hours, which is half of what it takes to make the real car. This replica is well detailed, including the exterior and interior; and it comes with a remote control too.

This Cullinan Model can be unlocked using the remote control and as such, lights come on in the door (inner and outer) handles, indicating the action.

The Australian Presenter and vlogger, Alexandra Mary Hirschi, popularly known as supercar blondie, reveals that the starting price of this model is $17,000 but, referring to a particular model she says it is $40,000 and more.

The RR logo can also be seen in the headlights of the Cullinan model; the spirit of ecstacy is detailed on the car, as well as the radar replica as seen in the real version.

The engine is also detailed such that you can identify the 6.75L twin-turbo V12 engine. The hood can be opened by pressing a button below it. More so, the car’s got speakers and a replica umbrella from the original, Air Condition vents, leather seat belts, toggles to wind down the windows, interior lights, and lots more.

The making of the Cullinan Model took over 450 hours which is over half the time required to make a full size Cullinan.

Watch the video below for more details.


Image Credit: Instagram.

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