Buhari’s Ministers Underperformed – YPP Chairman

National Chairman of the Young Progressive Party (YPP), Bishop Amakiri, has accused the current cabinet ministers to President Muhammadu Buhari of underperformance after much was expected from them.

Amakiri who was a guest on Channels Television’s Politics Today on Monday scored the ministers below 50 per cent.

He urged President Buhari, who has less than 24 days to his May 29 swear-in ceremony, to appoint a new set of people not peculiar to members of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

“Governance is a continual thing and the president by now should know that there is need to have another set of people and I believe when you talk about governance, it must not be peculiar to party men or members.

“You have to bring on-board people of competence, who believe in nation building, who actually are ready to jettison personal interest and bring forth public interest.

“I will say that the last cabinet would not be scored up to 30%. We expected much from virtually all of them and so far, they have underperformed to my own opinion,” he said.

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He further disagreed to the claim that young people are not ready for leadership but claimed that the opportunity had not presented itself.

“One of the problems I think we have is the fact that we do not have leaders that think about the next generation.

“I disagree to the claim that young people are not ready for leadership. I fall in that age of young people and so many of them are out there that are innovative and industrious, and are really making Nigeria proud.

“The problem we have today is the fact that the opportunity has not been given to many of us.”

Meanwhile, Kayode Ajulo, who described himself as a ‘Sympathiser’ to the APC, urged President Buhari to work towards policy formulation that will help the country develop.

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“There is always the time for politics and there is time for policy. I believe this is the time that the president should now be thinking of policy in the way he understands it.

“The time of politics is over, now it’s to look for how to move the country forward, how to get the best of Nigeria to ensure that we sail the ship of the country to a place where it won’t be shaky.”

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