Bassey Epharim
What the Government is doing to Federal Tertiary Institutions (FTI) is nothing but an act of mockery, disrespect and disregard. Imagine withholding the Minimum Wage Arrears up till now, and not paying the already amputated salaries of staffs until after an important celebration.
I hope when Federal Government eventually invite the representatives for deliberation, our national leaders will not smile or shake anybody with two hands in the name of respect.
To me, this politicians don’t deserve any respect from us. We should handle them with IRON hand. If not, they will continue to lock down on us.
It pains some of us very well that the politicians have reduced education to nothing in this country.
In other clime, except Nigeria, Tertiary Education is taken seriously and staff members are paid more than some politician. It is only in Nigeria that some first degree holders play with professors just because they have stolen so much in the name of politics.
Fortunately, most of the unions have declared industrial dispute: Let us watch and see the reaction of our union leaders after the lockdown when government invites them.

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