BREAKING: See Supreme Court judgement on Rivers APC (Updated)

The Supreme Court of Nigeria has made null the appeal filed  by the All Progressive Congress over the judgement of a High court sitting in Port – Harcourt, which made inconsequential the stay of execution order declared by a court of same jurisdiction.

What that basically implies is that the All Progressives Congress won’t be featuring in the elections across the state because the apex court of the land has sided with the judgement of the High Court.

Sitting on the matter, Justice Aliyu Sanusi, said that the  demur by the respondents, Ibrahim Umah and 22 other aggrieved members of the APC holds water.

Therefore, by implication, the demur is upheld and the Appeal by the All Progressives Congress, nullified.

You may recall that on Monday, 11 February 2019,  the apex court took arguments from both faction of the party and said it would take its final decision on the matter today, February 12, 2019 but that it won’t state reasons till a further date.

Presenting his case, counsel for the appellant, Lateef Fagbemi, persuaded the Apex court to strike the judgement by the High Court sitting in Port – Harcourt, stating that the trial court lacks the requisite authority to hear on the matter and hence any of its judgement on the matter doesn’t hold water.

Responding, counsel for the respondents, Henry Bello, said that the appeal of the APC faction should not be recognize because it has become a mere notion.

Bello told the court that his clients; the respondents have obtained legal consent at the High court sitting in Port – Harcourt and that it would be improper for the apex court to keep aside the ruling by the high court.

With this Judgement by the Supreme Court, the fate of the All Progressives Congress partaking in the gubernatorial elections in Rivers State is near zero.


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