Between a Technocrats and a Politician, who should lead Nigeria ~ Kingsley Moghalu

Professor Kingsley Moghalu
Moghalu seeks to know between a core Technocrats and a politician who should govern Nigeria as a country.
Professor Kingsley Chinedu Moghalu is a Nigerian political economist, lawyer, former United Nations official, and a former professor of International Business and public policy at the Tufts University Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy above all, he was the 2019 Presidential Candidate of the Young Progressive Party (YYP).
Moghalu who is known to be vocal on issues concerning nation’s building, took to his official Twitter handle seeking to know who is suitable to govern the affairs of the country.
In his tweet, he said;
“Between technocrats and politicians, who should lead Nigeria?
In a democracy, the politician ought to have the legitimacy of the popular will behind him/her, but the problem is our elections are selections, really, because they’re rigged. So, who exactly is legitimate?
He further stated that the reality is that, after the First Republic, whatever progress that has occurred in Nigeria has been almost entirely wrought by technocrats, or at the very least under politicians who empowered and protected the technocrats from “politics”, eg OBJ presidency.
This should tell us something: first, that we can marry the two by prioritizing proven, competent technocrats in the leadership selection process of our democracy; second, that politics, because of the way we play it, has prevented our making progress.

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