“Apologize to Nigerians” -PDP tells FG

The leadership of the number one opposition party in Nigeria, The People’s Democratic Party (PDP), has asked the federal government to apologize to Nigerians for taking them for granted over their denials and cover-up as to the way about of the Chinese doctors that were flown into the country few months back to help in the fight against the corona virus (covid-19).

You can recall that sometimes in the month of April, a team of 15-man Chinese health professional were airlifted along side some medical supplies that was said to be a donation by the chinese construction company working in Abuja, known as China Civil Engineering Construction Company (CCECC). The presidential task force on covid-19, said during one of their daily briefing, that the Chinese medical professionals are here to help in ensuring that the virus is contained just like it had already been done in China.

However, questions are been asked to ascertain the way about of the Chinese doctors in Nigeria as no word has been said about them by the PTF since they arrived in Nigeria. The health minister Osagie Ehanire, last week during the daily PTF briefing said that some of the members of the Chinese team were not health professionals, rather were technicians employed by the CCECC, he also claimed that they entered the country on a company visa, as requested by the Chinese company, hence are not visitors or responsibility of the Federal ministry of health or the federal government of Nigeria.

They are also asking the Federal government to give full account of all the donations that they received during this covid-19 era by both local investors and the international communities and how they were spent.

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