Abuloma Kingdom Stands In Solidarity With Bonny Kingdom Against Sea Piracy, Calls On Government To Act Fast

A photo session of Abuloma Youths during the match against sea piracy

The People of Abuloma Kingdom had a peaceful March on Tuesday, January 26, in support of the people of Bonny Kingdom, against sea piracy.

The Bonny people and the Izon group, Bonny chapter, have cried for help from the Rivers State Government severally, to stop the violence of sea pirates on their waterways but, are yet to get a resolution.

Apparently, the women of some affected area, mobilized by the Foundation for Widows and Less Privileged (FOWALP), had a match to the sea to invoke the “God who created the waters” to “end sea piracy in Bonny land ”, all in tears.

See photo below:

Bonny Women in tears as they call on God at the river bank

The people of Abuloma called on the Rivers State Government to “swing into action to eradicate sea pirates along Bonny waterways” in a match on Tuesday, carrying plakards and a banner that says, ” The King and People of Abuloma Kingdom Stand In Solidarity With The Bonny People To End Sea Piracy” ; this includes the hastag, #abulomasaysnotoseapiracy. Click on link below for video:


The National Association of Abuloma Students, NAAS, also made a flyer in support of the movement against piracy.

Flyer by NAAS on Facebook

See Photos of flyers from Abuloma Media:


Source: THE WHISTLER and Abuloma Media, FB.

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