5 Election Tips to Consider Before Voting this Morning

Good morning fellow Nigerians, we are tasked with the responsibility of deciding those who will man our great country; Nigeria,  for the next four years, today.

This is an editorial From Arctic Reporters:

In the bid to uphold democracy, we all have the charge to go out and express our franchise bearing in mind that posterity will judge us if we fail in our civic duties as good citizens of this great Nation.

Arctic Reporters have compiled five tips that you should bear in mind as you step out to your polling booths this Saturday morning:

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1. do not feel demoralized as a result of the post-poned elections last week. Don’t let it keep you from expressing your constitutional right of voting your preferred candidates in the Presidential and National Assembly seats.

2. we should never allow ourselves to be used as an instruments of election malpractice (thuggery and rigging).

3. we must prepare our minds to vote and not fight. Eradicate every thought of violence before, during and after the elections from your mind. Remember, in the end, we are Nigerians, we live in societies and should not let a season determine our over-all life experience.

4. allow individuals (including your brothers and sisters) vote their conscience and don’t cajole or discriminate them for bearing contrary opinions against yours.

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5. never take laws to your hands. Do well to report suspicious moves (if you notice such) to the relevant security authorities before, during and after the electioneering process.

Remember Election is not a do or die affair, Elections come every four years. If  your Preferred candidate or party loses today, bear in mind that you still have yet another four years to make a choice on them.

Vote, don’t fight. Say “no” to election thuggery, say no to violence, say no to ballot box snatching, vote your conscience, not their money.

Remember, Peace Is Priceless, Terror Is senseless, lets give peace a chance.

From all of us at ArcticReporters.com, we wish you victory ahead.

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